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Our general, the last episode on Rai 1. The season finale

Our general, the last episode on Rai 1. The season finale

Our general, last episode

Of Our general when does the last episode air? The final of the fiction with Sergio Castellitto in the role of Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa is transmitted Tuesday 17 January 2023 on Rai 1 at around 21:25. Alternatively, the title is also available on RaiPlay, as we explore in the previous paragraph.

Here we focus on programming, which is particular. This fiction doesn’t give us an appointment once a week, always on the same day. This often happens. In this case, however, the programming is as follows:

  • First episode in onda Monday 9 January 2023
  • Second episode in onda Tuesday 10 January 2023
  • Third installment in onda Monday 16 January 2023
  • Fourth installment in onda Tuesday 17 January 2023

There is no distinction between “episode” or “episode” for Our general. An episode coincides with an episode and takes up the whole early evening of the days listed above.

Where to see all the episodes of Our general

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Sergio Castellitto and the group in the first image de
Sergio Castellitto and the group in the first image of “Our General”. Credits: Rai

Discover more news of the series Our General!

If you are unable to follow the fiction programming on Rai 1 or live streaming on RaiPlay, you can retrieve the episodes on the Rai streaming platform. This is RaiPlay which – in addition to allowing live viewing – also allows you to watch in mode on demand the episodes of this fiction broadcast on Rai 1 (and not only that, the catalog is very vast). RaiPlay is a legal and free service.

Our general, last episode of the season

Directed by Lucio Pellegrini e you Andrea Jublin, Our general comes to the last episode of the season with the fourth appointment. He comes to his conclusion the story of Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa with episode 4 and closes the series written by Monica Zapelli and Peppe Fiore.

This co-production Rai Fiction and Stand by mesee in the cast Sergio Castellitto, Antonio FollettoFlavio Furno, Andrea Di Maria, Viola Sartoretto, Stefano Rossi Giordani, Roberto De Francesco, Alessio Praticò, Romano Reggiani, Renato Marchetti, Cecilia Bertozzi, Camilla Semino Favro, Ascanio Balbo, Matteo Lai, Luigi Imola, Marina Savino, Rosario Lisma, Lorenzo Gioielli, Francesco Wolf, Orio Scaduto, Daniele Mariani, Alessandro Averone, Carmen Pommella, Ilenia Ginefra, Eleonora Romandini, Valerio Di Benedetto, Claudia Marchiori, Luca Lazzareschi, Francesco Siciliano, Massimo De Santis, Teresa Saponangelo and with the participation of Ninni Bruschetta and by Enrico Lo Verso.

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This exceptional cast makes us retrace, from the first to the fourth and last episode, a cfundamental chapter in the history of our country.