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Friends 22: Cricca returns to school, Ascanio’s social reaction

Friends 22: Cricca returns to school, Ascanio's social reaction

Ascanio ironically comments on Cricca’s return to Amici on social media.

Yesterday’s episode of Amici 22 it was full of twists and turns. To everyone’s great surprise, and quite exceptionally, Click had a chance to go back into the school and thus continue its run at the Evening. A happy ending that resulted in the reaction on social media of the singer and former student of Rudy Zerbi, Ascanius.

Ascanio’s social dig at the Amici program

During the last episode of Amici 22, Tommy Dali and Valeria Mancini were forced to leave school due to the “very serious events” that took place on New Year’s Eve. If the young and beloved singer was eliminated by his professor Rudy Zerbi, Lorella Cuccarini’s student lost the match against Cricca.

Clickafter being deleted, is therefore returned to Amici’s school in a completely exceptional way. A decision made by the production of the talent show by Maria De Filippi which was commented on social media by Ascanius. “When it’s January 8th and they decide not to let you come back” wrote the young singer in a TikTok video, making fun of Cricca’s return.

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With the’elimination of Valeria Mancini, aka Guera, and Tommy Dali so the kids who continue their journey in the school are: Maddalena, Samu, Vanessa, Megan, Mattia, Eleonora, Samuel, Gianmarco, Isobel, Wax, Federica, NDG, Angelina, Niveo, Cricca, Piccolo G, Jore and Aaron. We remember that Ramon is the only one who has already obtained the shirt for the evening.

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