Big Brother Vip, Wilma Goich: “There are those who play well and those who play dirty”

Wilma Goich confronts Nicole Murgia on Oriana Marzoli’s behavior on Big Brother Vip.

This eveningMonday, January 16, 2023, su Channel 5 will go a new and unmissable episode is on the air of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. while waiting, Wilma Goich confided in Nicole Murgia e harshly criticized the behavior assumed by Oriana Marzoli towards Daniele Dal Moro.

The Attack of Wilma Goich

The relationship born at Big Brother VIP between Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro continues to be the center of attention both inside and outside the Casa di Cinecittà. To comment on the complicity between the two competitors of the seventh edition he thought about it Wilma Goich who, speaking with Nicole Murgia on the veranda, he did not miss an opportunity to criticize the Venezuelan influencer:

They were together for a while then he left. Some people play well and some people play dirty. If she really wanted certain things she wouldn’t do what she does. She does what she wants because she thinks it makes him jealous but she just does what he doesn’t like. Daniele sends to hell when she gets annoyed. She plays a game that he doesn’t like, Oriana makes the situation worse …

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Wilma seems to have no doubts about situation born to the Gf Vip between the two gieffini: Daniele doesn’t trust Oriana and it’s good. Not only. According to the singer’s words, the former tronista of Men and Women would not be interested in the Venezuelan influencer at all:

Daniele is always nice and kind, but when he gets weird, that’s where he ends..

Will it really be like Wilma says? To find out more we just have to wait for the new episode of Big Brother Vipthat will go aired tonight on Monday 16 January in prime time on Canale 5. Do not miss!

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