Big Brother Vip, who will go out tonight Dana, Nicole and Nikita? Our predictions

In the twenty-eighth episode of Big Brother Vip, a televoting challenge between Dana Saber and Nicole Murgia and Nikita Pelizon. Here are our predictions on the next eliminated.

Tonight, live on Channel 5the twenty-eighth episode of the Big Brother VIP. In the episode of this eveningthere will be a new one elimination. In challenge to televoting: Dana Saber and Nicole Murgia and Nikita Pelizon.

According to what emerges from the surveysat risk they would be Nicole Murgia and Dana Saber, divided by a few votes.

Gf Vip: The predictions of the editorial staff of

In televoting this week three discussed protagonists of the seventh edition: Dana, Nicole e Nikita. The latter, who continues to be opposed by many in the house, remains one of the most loved and supported competitors by viewers who apparently love her strong and decisive character. The challenge is therefore open between Nicole Murgia and Dana Saber, both enter the Casa di Cinecittà halfway through. If the young Roman actress ended up at the center of controversy first for the clashes with Antonella Fiordelisi and then for his toxic relationship with Andrea Maestrelli, the Moroccan-born model entered straight leg arguing with everyone and inserting herself into all the dynamics of the game. Who will be the gieffina forced to leave the Gfvip? (Eleanor)

This evening, on Canale 5, another episode of Big Brother Vip will be broadcast: as always, tonight’s appointment will be crucial for some of the competitors. Who will be eliminated next? The candidates who will compete are Nikita Pelizon, Dana Saber and Nicoler Murgia. Self Pelizon she can rest assured, given the 46% approval rating that the public has reserved for her, the same cannot be said of the other two gieffines. And, tonight, the challenge could prove difficult, given that both do not meet the favor of the public and have been the protagonists of truly despicable quarrels and events. And if it is really necessary to focus on one of the two for elimination, then Nicole Murgia could leave the house tonight: Vippona has committed too many missteps, even towards theex boyfriend Andrew and the public may not forgive him for that. (Mary)

If the Nikiters can enjoy the evening celebrating Nikita’s clear and certain victory in televoting, there is really a lot of uncertainty between Nicole and Dana about the outcome, which at the moment is anything but predictable. In the polls there is a head-to-head with a handful more preferences for the Moroccan model but the challenge is open and will continue to be so during the evening. Both, however, became the protagonists of quite questionable quarrels and utterances. Dana’s war is almost against most of the fellow adventurers and viewers do not like one against all and tend to protect him from the herd and save him. On the other hand, Nicole has made public a rather toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend and current roommate Andrea, coming out really badly with Signorini forced to talk about a rather thorny and infrequent topic: that is, the mistreatment suffered by men from women even if , the truth about the couple, will certainly not be the Gf Vip or the stories of the protagonists to make it unquestionable. Having said that, it could be Dana who saves herself who certainly makes the House alive (and on fire) in her unpredictable explosions. (Anita)

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