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Un Posto al Sole Previews: Clara discovers the truth about Alberto and he attacks her, is this the end of their story?

Un Posto al Sole Previews: Clara discovers the truth about Alberto and he attacks her, is this the end of their story?

From next week’s previews of Un Posto al Sole we will discover that Clara will open Alberto’s safe and see that Lia Longhi’s accusations were true. Attacked by her partner, Curcio could be close to making a decision that could change history with Palladini.

From the Advances of A Place in the Sun we will see that Clara is more determined than ever to find out if in the theft of the jewels of Lia there really is the involvement of Alberto and the truth could lead her to a drastic decision about the two of them.

A place in the sun, Clara is investigating the theft of jewels

In the episodes aired to date, we have seen how the mystery of the jewels of Palazzo Palladini has involved various characters: no longer just Diego e Liabut also Clara became aware of the matter. There Curcio has been warned since Giordano on the watch that the Palladini always wears on the wrist in recent times and which, instead, would belong to Lia along with the other jewels stolen by the lawyer. Clara has denied more than once the involvement of her partner, too blinded by love, but, unfortunately, the words of Diego they keep ringing in her head and even if hers Alberto he told her it is Lia to lie, the damage has been done and trust that sweet Clara has towards the lover begins to waver. There Curcio she therefore decided to investigate on her own, with the help of her friend Marika.

Un posto al sole Anticipations, Clara finds Alberto’s safe and discovers the truth

The Advances of A Place in the Sun they reveal to us that Clara is getting closer to discovering the truth about the theft of the jewels by Alberto Palladini. The girl involved her friend Marika in research and, even if he hopes he’s wrong by now, he knows that somehow his partner is involved in the story. And, to confirm the terrible truth will be the opening of the safe Palladini. Per Clara will be a painful discovery: the jewels are there, just like he had always told her Diego Giordano. Incredulous, Curcio cannot believe that her lover lied to her and decides to compare it to Caff√® Vulcano. But here, he will have another blow: the Palladini has just been verbally assaulted by Lia Longhi who accuses him of stealing the jewels and is in a real rage. When also Clara comes to ask him for explanations, the lawyer silences her brutally and angrily, in front of everyone. A gesture from which she can not go back …

Un Posto al Sole Anticipations, what will happen now to the story between Alberto and Clara?

The reaction of Alberto versus Claraso violent and cruel, she left the Curcio in tears and full of sorrow. How is it possible that the man she’s in love with treated her like this? To console her, fortunately, there is Marikathe faithful friend with whom she investigated the jewels of Lia, who will give her the charge not to give up. But the words of the lawyer are not easy to forget, especially for the Curcio and for what he had to endure in the past as well. Clara she hoped she had finally found love with the Palladini and a safe home for her and their son Federico, but the violent reaction he had towards him may have broken forever the trust he had in his partner. What will the sweet decide to do Curcio?

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