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Is Vanessa Incontrada engaged? Who is the boyfriend

Is Vanessa Incontrada engaged?  Who is the boyfriend

Does Vanessa Incontrada have a boyfriend?

Vanessa Incontrada is an actress and presenter loved and appreciated by the Italian public who returns to Canale 5 as the protagonist of Fosca Innocenti. The fiction has set the airing of the second season starting from Friday 13 January 2023 and also involves Francesco Arca in the cast. But what do we know about private life? Vanessa Incontrada has a fiancé o one husband?

Vanessa Incontrada movies and TV series

Before delving into some aspects of his personal sphere, let’s retrace the most important stages of his career. Acting side, she has so far appeared in tons of movies as well as television projects. In the latter case, she made her debut in A paradise for two. After that she starred in Another life, Angels – A love story, Don Matteo, Don’t tell my boss, The class of donkeys, Disappeared, Captain Maria, Our children, Like a mother and finally the most recent Fosca Innocenti.

Vanessa Incontrada (Fosca) in the official poster of
Vanessa Incontrada (Fosca) in the official poster of “Fosca Innocenti”. Credits: Mediaset

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Al cinemahowever, Vanessa Incontrada debuted with The heart elsewhereafter which she appeared in What love, Dinner to let them know, All the women in my life, Waiting for the sun, I’ll come back, I’ll marry you but not too much, Everyone wants it, There is no field e Hostages.

Who is Vanessa Incontrada’s boyfriend?

As for the private sphere, many wonder who the fiancé where he husband by Vanessa Incontrada. Recent is the separation from his historic partner Rossano Laurini, father of her only son Isal. To confirm the breakup are also some photos shared on social media by Laurini who see him in the company of their children but without Vanessa.

At first, the actress herself of Fosca Innocenti he had told Vanity Fair about his period of reflection, then confirming the crisis of the couple. The two have lived together for many years and have always protected their privacy. Today, therefore, Vanessa Incontrada should be single. In fact, the actress has not declared that she has a new romantic interest. However to the microphones of very true she said she wanted to become a mother a second time.