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How Sky Rojo 3 ends, explained

How Sky Rojo 3 ends, explained

How Sky Rojo 3 ends

How it ends sky red 3? The third and final season of the original production made by Netflix and created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato concludes with the eighth episode. Below we retrace all the twists and turns of the third season finale.

WARNING: The following is the full explanation of the season 3 finale of sky red and includes major spoilers about everything that goes on. If you haven’t finished watching season 3 yet or don’t want to miss out on the surprises, we advise you not to continue reading. If you want to find out how it ends sky red 3, here you will find all the complete plot.

In the series finale titled “Gold, incense and lead”, Coral intervenes by saving Moisés’ life at the last moment and preventing him from completing his attempt to commit suicide. The final showdown at the venue sees Moisés, Coral and Wendy point their guns in Romeo’s face for what is the showdown we’ve been waiting for three long seasons. This time there is no escape, the human trafficker can no longer count on anyone’s help. Wendy tells him that killing him then and now would be too easy, and that a man like him doesn’t deserve that leniency. “This is for Gina,he says, before knocking him out with the butt of his gun.

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Romeo is stuffed into the boiler of the Las Novias club, which then ends up exploding. Mosiés, Coral and Wendy don’t turn around as the place that was a real prison for them blows up. Once off the school bus that took them away from the battlefield, Coral finds it difficult to say goodbye to Moisés. Between her sobriety and his choice to lead an honest life, perhaps the last word has not yet been said for them. Coral, however, can’t forget what he did even if – she admits – Moisés is the only one who can understand the hell they both went through. “As much as I dislike it, this brings us togetherCoral says, tearfully. Moisés agrees with her: their destinies are united.

I’m going to look elsewhere for another life, or another swimming pool,” says Moisés turning his back on Coral. The two wish each other good luck and set out on their respective paths. The series ends with a hug between Wendy and Coral, while the girls – and Diego – celebrate the arrival of the car on the bus with Becky, Greta – who kisses Wendy – and the baby on board. The nightmare is over: “we stopped celebrate others and started celebrating ourselves” says Coral’s narrator, revealing that the secret lies in being able to transform pain into hope. Wendy, Greta and Coral drive the colorful bus to the start of their new life.